Let Go of Constructed Expectations (The Comb, 1991)

To even contemplate The Comb is letting go of what’s expected. The Comb‘s a relentless stream of visual images to be consumed, to leave spectators bewildered by a darkly mysterious world.

Causing this bewilderment is the non – existence of a structured narrative. All that’s clear is a sleeping woman experiencing a dream of nightmarish proportions. Spectators are mercilessly placed into her dream, a world of moody colours, expressionist designs and murmured voices psychologically stunning spectators into a disturbed consciousness. Though this disturbance emphasises the ambiguity surrounding The Comb.

The ambiguity offsets any chance of clarity for spectators, the flood of surreal images filtered through various degrees of motion, camera movements in all directions and striking instrumentals continuously shifting spectators from clear perception. Yet this drives The Comb, making its narrative (if that’s relevant to use here) an otherworldly experience which spectators must strip themselves mentally from their constructed expectations, to be open and active towards the surreal is to achieve at least comprehend The Comb. Only if you’re truly willing to be open will The Comb be of any value.


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