Playhouse Presents: The Call Out

Carlo Nero’s poignant drama reflected upon the loneliness in which everyone feels. A finely acted piece by all principal actors especially Stephen Graham and Vanessa Redgrave, who bring into motion the exposing of emotion subtlety that is forever underneath the surface.

Deeply immersed into character studies, The Call Out introduces Policeman Len (Graham) is introduced by describing a horrific discovery in a blatant gross out manner to his colleague (Sushil Chudasama). The true relevance of this moment is subtly revealed later as The Call Out delves into a disturbance call. After finding no evidence of a break in, Len quickly finds himself in conversation with a repressed window (Samantha Bond) who indulges in personal questions setting in motion the underlying emotions slowly building up in Len, expressed with slight restraint by Graham.

Though the most significant scene is Len’s conversation with a second woman ‘in distress’, a fragile and vulnerable character (Redgrave). Tense close ups of Len experiencing his own emotions as the distressed woman’s harrowing words, brilliantly delivered by Redgrave, makes himself and consequently us contemplating loneliness, the invisibility of the self which strikes emotive chords and asks questions of the larger issues at hand. This scene is pivotal to what The Call Out represents, subtle qualities to the characters creating poignancy subsequently to the issues raised and how the characters, particularly Len, learn to cope day by day.

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