Too Much Self – Indulgence And Melodrama To Be Enjoyable: Bad Education (2004)

Despite being thoroughly well acted and cleverly plotted in its latter half, Bad Education seemed to be a self-indulgent tale of homosexual lust and crusade for justice. The melodramatic style of Bad Education’s narrative felt on my part excessive.

The core of Bad Education is the reunion of school friends Enrique and Angel, who begin work on a screenplay based partly upon their childhood. Delving further into their childhood’s and its revealed Angel was manipulated sexually by a Catholic Priest in their school. On the surface it sets the tone for complex drama. Yet going deeper acknowledging the hypocritical persecution for Enrique and Angel’s homosexual desires and the Priest’s later contextualisation, the critique of this abuse went into an analogy of their stance against homosexuality and its consequences. Although the sincerity of this analogy was effective, if of course I’m correct in my assumption, the downside was Bad Education‘s self-indulgence within the narrative.

Enrique and Angel had a previous sexual history which continues, though in such a manner that in certain scenes it felt too personalised on Almodóvar’s account. Obliviously it was Almodóvar’s right to direct and write Bad Education as he saw fit but in my opinion he offered no lean way for audiences to be part of the underlying effects of Enrique and Angel’s relationship without the flamboyant qualities even with the surprising plot twist.

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