When Bjork Met Attenborough

“The sound of sound” is how Bjork described nature’s acoustic qualities centralising the basis of her project. In preparation for this project, the avant-garde album Biophilia, Bjork discussed in-depth with Sir David Attenborough the admirable qualities of nature’s acoustics and its importance.

Admittedly I am neither a dedicated fan of either Bjork or Attenborough yet this programme managed to engage my interest. As a pair they bonded well, clearly admiring the other, undertaking several discussions regarding music’s scientific relations. In one scene Attenborough noted the mathematics to mineral’s chemistry formation is linked to musical structures. Emphasising such facts was eye opening for a novice like myself.

Though titled When Bjork Met Attenborough the programme mostly concentrates on Biophilia‘s pre-production, which continued to show the boundaries music can reach. Major points of interest was Bjork recording with a Sharpsichord, an original solar-powered instrument maneuvering metal roll push levers to pluck strings to creating music. Equally mesmerizing was a bassline formed from harvesting electricity upon a tesla coil. Witnessing these unique instruments reach their full potential achieved wonderment for myself to music’s realms of possibility, which was the purpose of Biophilia and When Bjork Met Attenborough. Who said music couldn’t be beyond mere entertainment?

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