To Inform and Delight: The World of Milton Glaser (2008)

“The purpose of art is to inform and delight”. This is a Horace quote which Milton Glaser has followed throughout his career. Within To Inform and Delight: The World of Milton Glaser this was evident in various examples of Glaser’s work explained by himself and others who note Glaser’s influence on graphic art.

Glaser explained that emotions felt from music can be incorporated into graphic art. The contributors analysing his posters for Bob Dylan and The Beatles note as a result Glaser pioneered psychedelic design. Reflecting over these designs it is easy to understand Glaser’s use of colours and composition evoked the 1960s counter-culture directing its characteristics onto the world as progressive creativity.

I was in agreement with Glaser’s idea of graphic art needing to be simple and direct. He created the ‘I Love NY’ slogan at a time when New York was in disarray. This now iconic slogan was certainly a direct engagement in promoting social unity. Glaser’s more recent campaign of buttons with political slogans i.e. ‘dissent protects democracy’ also evoked calls for social unity. The simplicity and directness of Glaser’s designs contextualises his ideal to inform the public and delight them with his directness. Throughout To Inform and Delight: The World of Milton Glaser from my perspective clarifies how art can be a tool for direct defiance whilst being gratifying for the public.