Who Killed Johnny (2013)

Who Killed Johnny from my perspective was an inconsistent film veering from the bizarre, supposedly hilarious to extremely dramatic. It would have worked better if there had been consistency between these various aspects yet it simply leaves you questioning what you saw.

Who Killed Johnny as a comedy relied heavily on visual gags which felt either flat or clichéd. These took place through Melanie and Max processing scenarios for their proposed script with characters of different features and persuasions imagined for comic intent but with no satisfying results. The visual gags which felt like clichés were the appearances of Jambo and Gudrun, an interracial couple. Jambo with his afro and very tight Y-fronts along with Gudrun’s large breasts and luscious behind were emphasised for their visual humour. I assume it was meant to be hilarious yet it felt bland.

Characterisation within Who Killed Johnny never felt truly elaborated. Although Melanie and Max did have chemistry with each other along with their relationship towards Jambo and Gudrun, Who Killed Johnny transitioning between real life and scenarios within their script warped characterisation because it was never given strong focus. Even after Who Killed Johnny‘s central narrative point occurred there was more reliance on comic moments rather than strong characterisation. Though some may feel comic moments are adequate within Who Killed Johnny, its lack of characterisation as a result did not make me invest into Who Killed Johnny‘s narrative.

As Who Killed Johnny‘s narrative continued to become more inconsistent, it was another clause for my viewing displeasure. Who Killed Johnny became more outlandish and switched directions especially in its climax where I was left questioning my viewing experience. The continuous inconsistency was Who Killed Johnny‘s most critical flaw which hindered it as a whole.